Recipe: Viral Marketing

2 teaspoons timing

3 cups context

5 grams humour

a dash of luck



Job Hunting? Have a read…..

For most of us, this would be the time where we’re looking forward to finishing uni, graduating, and start looking for a ‘real’ job; you know, one that involves good clothes, and some semblance of being a professional, and yes, hopefully something to do with marketing as well. Most people including me would start the online job hunt, start the round of interviews, and then hopefully, land THE job..

But here, lets just take a minute to realise this: prospective employers do not have only the information we give them. They have plenty more!


Pop Quiz: Linden dollars are the official currency for….?

Hint: They’re virtual !


iPod Shuffle sold for A$3.83 !

Nope, the iPod didn’t fall off the back of a truck… It was sold, legitimately it seems on a penny auction site called Apparently, penny auctions are all the rage on the internet now, with high priced items, mainly laptops, mobile phones, computers, selling for a fraction of the retail price. Now, before you log on to one of these sites and sign up in excitement at winning a shiny new phone for a tiny price, hang on a second. How exactly do these things work? More

E-commerce: To shop or not to shop?

These days, online shopping, or e-commerce as the purists would call it, has pretty much become the norm for any website to have. Apart from brand building, the website would have a ‘call to action’ in the form of an online store where a customer can browse, window shop, and purchase. In simplistic terms, e-commerce basically means buying or selling of products over electronic systems, like the internet.

One industry that has taken on to e-commerce in a big way is the fashion industry. More

Social media: where do we start?

During my usual ‘click on anything that looks interesting’ time on the internet, I came across this article on a company called the Treasure Hunters Road show. More

How Would You Sell That: Treasure Hunters Roadshow

Treasure Hunters Roadshow needs a social media makeover. Four experts offer advice. More

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